"We are hard pressed on everyside, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed."

2 Corinthians 4:8-9

Thursday, December 1, 2011


I haven't told you all much of the case so far, largely because it was recommended that I not share the investigation details with people. However, today I was told that I was free to share, so here is what's been going on for the past 3 weeks.

November 7 - I was attacked. Our home became a crime scene. The K-9 unit was brought in, DNA and fingerprints were collected.
November 8 - The detective and case manager came to see me where we are staying.
November 9 - I went into the police office and made my full statement of what happened. We also did a sketch of the attacker and I looked through mug shots to see if I recognized anyone; I didn't.
November 10 - About 2 dozen police officers went door to door canvasing our neighborhood (8 blocks north, south, east and west) with my sketch.
November 14 - The detective came to our home with 6 more pictures. I wasn't expecting anything, but sure enough, there was a picture of him. I sat there shaking looking at his picture and the detective said, "I had a hunch it was him."
November 16 - Local TV stations ran the story and reported that he was 17 years old. They ran a picture of him requesting information on his whereabouts.
November 17 - He was found on a reservation near Tucson, AZ
November 18 - The detective was informed of the involved process of removing a native american from a reservation. An extradition hearing was set for December 1st.
November 20 - We met with a good friend and public defender who informed us of the process ahead of us.

Because he is native american and on the reservation, removing him is almost like removing someone from another country. The detective has been collecting infomation and warrants necessary to do this. He told me that there was even a Governor's Warrant (signed by the governor) requesting that he be removed from the reservation. The preliminary hearing was at 8:30 this morning. The judge told the attacker that all the paper work was there and that there really was not much point in having the hearing. He waived his rights to the hearing and went willingly with the detective. This afternoon he was checked into the local jail without bond. He was served a DNA warrant and that has now been collected. He will be tried as an adult. I should be contacted by the prosecutor in the next couple weeks.

Now that this is all in process I'm starting to deal with some tough questions about how involved I want to be and what I want for this person. Luckily, I'll have some time to think about it, these things never move too quickly. Sorry, no song today, all this info isn't very inspiring to me.


ben wideman said...

I've been wondering how you would be wrestling with our justice system. Keep us posted on the decisions you make

somebird said...

Holding you in love and prayer as you go through this process and make these challenging decisions. I'm inspired by your thoughtfulness, integrity and honesty.
Love, Leena

Clarice said...

May this season of Advent bring you hope and peace as you heal.
My prayers continue to be with you as you make daily decisions.
Much love.

Nicholas DS said...

May you and your family find ways to both express your pain and violation and seek the fullest healing for all involved. Thanks again for your honest wrestling in the open (i.e. this blog)and we continue to pray and wrestle along with you.

May the God of peace be visibly with you this Advent!

joyo said...

It's staggering to see the listing of both the horrific and the merely difficult happenings in just three weeks. Your strength and stamina are showing----but don't let that comment make you think you need to be strong. And just to remind you again that there are lots of us out here who hold you in our heart/prayer.

alisa said...

I love you trac! You are a strong person with a wonderful family. I will continue to lift you all up in my thoughts as you discern what happens next.

C Kauffman said...

So glad he was found and caught. I hope you continue to feel more whole with each day.

Rachel said...

traci, somehow i missed this post. so glad to see your attacker was caught. we will be praying for you and for wisdom as you figure out your role in this process.